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Kyouka Gakuen seems like a typical highschool to anyone who might be looking into it. There are the token stereotypes that one would expect, but under the surface these students are more than just the roles they play.

Living in the dorms can be hell. Dealing with teachers and other students is tough. Can you handle it?

Kyouka Gakuen is an AU musician RP, in which the musicians are all students at academy. Day in and day out they much deal with the struggles of highschool life, handling not only the studying but their own issues and their relationships with one another.
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As stated above, Kyouka Gakuen is an AU musician role play taking place in a school. The celebrity muses used in this game are not celebrities in the game, just regular people.

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Your mods are Sue and Kat. If you have any questions please contact them at kyoukamods.You can also review housing, rules, what muses are already taken or reserved, and any other information there, as well as find the application necessary that you must fill out to join.

The game was opened on January 29th, 2008.
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