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31 January 2008 @ 12:06 pm

These are the community rules. They will help make playing at kyoukagakuen more enjoyable for everyone. These rules are non-negotiable.

1. Muses must be musicians/singers (male or female). They do not have to be Japanese/Asian. The majority are simply because that is who we like. But any musician/singer can be considered. Het, boy/boy, girl/girl are all pairings welcome here.

2. Create a profile, and do not deviate from it. If your character is shy and soft-spoken virgin then it stands to reason that he will not suddenly fly off in a rage and attack someone or jump the first hot person they come across. There may be situations where they get mad or turned on, but it would be within reason.

3. No major harm/death can be committed upon another muse without express consent from that muse's writer. So Muse A cannot go crazy and stab/rape/shoot/beat the shit out of Muse B unless both writers discussed it ahead of time in an off-community chat/email/whatever and both wanted to create that plot. If you decide your muse will commit suicide then you must contact the mods to advise them, and you MUST close old threads first. So if you have a thread with writer C from August, and in September your character will O.D. you cannot do so without first closing thread from August. It is only fair because there is a time gap, and past threads should be closed so the other muses can go on.

4. Please restrict foul language/violence/racist comments to the limit of your muse. Just remember that someone who is extremely foul mouthed/violent/racist in real life is no joy to be around, and in the community an excess of it is also not enjoyed or welcomed. So you may find yourself with no one wanting to thread with you. There is no need to offend others, and you possibly would not want to be offended either.

5. Please do not leave threads hanging, or just drop them. You will have 4 days of approved hiatus without telling us before we will contact you to find out if all is well. Life often gets in the way, true, and when you're going to be going on that holiday to Bora Bora or you have to stay in the hospital after getting your tonsils out please advise us ahead of time so we can let the whole community know you will be absent and for how long. It sucks royally when you end up sick with that flu or sinus infection, and you have to stay in bed. Just drop us a line to let us know you're ill and again we'll update the community. Repeated absences mean you cannot keep up with the community, and you may consider cutting back on muses or leaving if you simply do not have the time anymore. After two warnings if it continues you will be removed. You would be welcome to apply again, but if you again ignore threads after being re-instated you will then be banned. You wouldn't want to continuously wait on someone's replies and be unable to go on because important information is unknown from dropped or hanging threads.

6. Plotting with other writers outside of the community ~~ chats, emails, on the phone, whatever ~~ is very welcome. Don't be afraid to ask the other writers for their contact info for that purpose. Besides, you could make some great friends! (*hugs mine*). Plotting to cause shit for other writers' or their muses will be considered as ganging up on them and bullying, and will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with a writer or their muse, try talking to them first, if that fails talk to the mods. It's what we're here for.

7. No godmoding without asking the other writer if you can do so! Make a habit of contacting them to say, "Hey, would so and so do this if I said this and that did this?" or "Do you mind if I make so and so do this while this and that does/says this?" They may agree, or they may tell you that so and so would actually react/do this way or wouldn't have gotten that far yet, etc....

8. You are the WRITER, not the character. You can read other posts, and learn stuff about others, but it does not mean your MUSE knows it. So if you read that Muse A is remembering when their father used to hit them, but they never really mentioned it out loud then your muse does NOT know about it unless you both agreed that they grew up together, or once confided in each other, etc... So your muse also wouldn't know if Muse D had screwed Muse F in the gym after hours.

9. Personal vs RP. You had a bitch of a week. You're in a nasty mood, and it shows in your writing 'cause your muse just took YOUR personal bitchfest out on another muse. That's a no-no. Sudden and extreme behaviour against another muse for no good reason will get you a warning, and the post deleted. After a second warning you will be suspended from posting until you can relax and remember that this is a community for fun and not reality and does not deserve to be your whipping-boy. This also goes for jealous tendencies. Your muse is in a relationship with Muse B. That's fine. Other muses are allowed to be threaded with Muse B without you then flipping out. You do not own Muse B. If Muse A is flirting madly with Muse B, and your muse is not in the area you can't suddenly show up and threaten them. If Muse A is coming on strong to Muse B, and you're there? Your muse can react within reason of their character/the situation/the rules above about harming/killing.

10. Do not create 15 muses if you won't be able to keep up with the threads/posts. Start small, like 1 or 2, and if you think you can handle a 3rd then do so. But don't go from 1 or 2 to 9 and start dropping threads or leaving them hanging.

11. Off community abuse. It may happen where writers won't get along. That does not mean you can attack them off community. Not to them, and not all over LJ/the net. If it is found it will be considered flaming and you will get no second chances. You will be removed. This is a community for everyone to enjoy. You can tell the mods if there is a problem with another writer and they will try to nicely talk to said writer. But downright insulting and ridiculing them all over the net or all over LJ is not going to be tolerated.

12. Time jumping. The school year in Japan begins in April. The first posts will begin in April. While everyone else is still in April please do not suddenly jump to September! It will make no sense as everyone else is still living months behind.

13. Ratings and tags. Please rate your posts appropriately, and tag them as well. Not all opening threads are behind an LJ cut, but all of them should include this information....

Who: Your muse, and whether the thread is "open", or is for
another specific muse or more than one muse only.

When: Date and time the thread is beginning.
Where: Location, location, location!
Rating: - G = no sexual content, no violence, no foul language.
- R = mild sexual content, mild violence, mild foul language.
- NC-17 = graphic sexual content, graphic violence, graphic language.