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30 January 2008 @ 09:43 pm

Kyouka Gakuen campus features a student dormitory and faculty housing. If you are a new student please contact the housing director to have a room assigned to you.

Sakura Rd Student Dormitory:
All rooms have two beds (either as bunks or separate), two desks, two desk chairs,
two wardrobes, and two chests that can be locked. Please do not repaint rooms. There
will be no televisions or stereos or other hot plates in the rooms. These may cause fires.
Each floor has a sitting area with television, bookshelves, vending machines, and a
pay-phone. At the end of each floor is a communal washroom/bathingroom. Please try to
limit the time spent in the showers to avoid a shortage of hot water. There will be
NO males on the floors designated to the females, and no females on
the floors designated to the males. Doors to the dormitory will be locked at ten pm sharp
on school nights, and midnight on weekends. Any students not in their room at lockdown
will have to contact the head teacher to get access to the dormitory and could result in
disciplinary actions.

1st Floor (females only):
1A -
1B -
1C -
1D -

2nd Floor (males only):
2A - Ryouhei & Saga
2B -
2C -
2D - Anis & Ryo

3rd Floor (females only):
3A -
3B -
3C -
3D -

3rd Floor (males only):
3A -
3B - Gara
3C -
3D -

5th Floor (males only):
4A - Sugizo
4B - Sisen x Heechul
4C - Kiyoharu & Yoshiki Hayashi
4D - Nero & Nao

6th Floor (males only):
5A - Izam (Student body leader)
5B - Kaya & YamaPi
5C - Takanori & Jin
5D -

Garden Rd Faculty Housing:

Faculty housing consists of one floor of apartments (U shaped building) for faculty
living on campus. Each apartment consists of one bedroom with a double bed, living
room, washroom/bathingroom, and small kitchen with all amenities. If you repaint the
rooms please repaint them white when moving out. There is a central communal
garden/sitting area at the back for faculty to enjoy.

FH1 - Kamenashi Kazuya (English Teacher)
FH2 - Inoran (History Teacher)
FH3 - Shinya (Music Teacher)
FH4 - Atsushi Sakurai (Science Teacher)
FH5 - Yuki (Japanese Teacher)
FH6 - Tora (Art Teacher)
FH7 - Kimura Takuya (Gym Teacher)
FH8 - Tomoya (Head Teacher)